Shift -
Virtual Hand Therapy

Interaction Design | Mixed Reality
Teamwork: Alexis Iakovenko, Julia Schmidt, Ningyuan Xu
Supervisor: Prof. Carola Zwick
Special thanks to: Daniela Neye (Hand Therapist)
Working Prototype: Unity, Leap Motion

‚SHIFT – virtual hand therapy‘ is a tool that supports patients during the acute phase of hand therapy by delivering precise instructions and feedbacks in order to create motivation. The human hand is multifunctional tool, that is important for all kinds of everyday tasks. Regaining lost hand function is target of hand therapy. Because the treatment is temporary, at home exercises are decisive for a successful recovery. For that discipline and motivation are essential. Still, the majority of the patients feel lost because they can’t remember the exercises and instructions of their therapist and there is no feedback. ‚SHIFT– virtual hand therapy‘ allows you to record and safe your individual movement in line with your therapist. It works in connection with a sensor device, that tracks finger and hand movements. These movements are saved as movement patterns.

Shift - Record1

1 - Record movements with the therapist

Shift - Record2

Shift - Record3

Record Prototype in Unity

2 - Exercise at home

Shift - Exercise

Background Patterns

Pre-programmed background patterns will be randamly applied to exercises. An internal counter is embedded in the pattern to prevent overstraining your hand. The pattern is changing in accordance with the movement to help you optimizeing the exercises.

Shift - Background Patterns

Comparision Prototype in Unity