Get hands dirty,
Make some fun.

My Website

Github, Html, CSS, Javascript

This website is written by myself without using frameworks. It's a challenge for me to get along with web and code, but it's quite fun to have the freedom to place the elements where I want.

My Website

Grow & Swing

Rhino, Grasshopper, Arduino, eTextile, Microphone
Jhu-Ting & Ningyuan

The grass is 3D modeled in Rhino, it will grow and expand if your palm and fingers stretch out. If there's a blow, the grass will swing with the wind.

Touch Tracker

eTextile, Capacitive Sensor, Arduino

This is a tryout to simulate the tactile function of the skin. The light indicates the location where have been touched.


Copper tape, LED, Arduino
Ylenia & Ningyuan

Add some fun to the building block toy!

Bitcoin Wallet

LongHash Hackathon Winner
Xinyue & Ningyuan

Design for the bitcoin Wallet, it can be attached to the phone case. Although the bitcoin market is broken up...... :(


Thermochromic inks, Screen printing
Xinyue & Ningyuan,
by Prof. Mika Satomi & Louise Drubigny

Thermochromic inks change color from color to colorless when it reaches certain temperature. We decided the color we want and mixed up the thermochromic ink and normal ink to create the color changing effect that we expected for.

thermo2 thermo3 thermo4


eTextile, LED, Arduino
by Prof. Mika Satomi

With this glove, you can use hand gestures to control LEDs.

Guess Images

p5.js, Google image API
Simon Ertl & Ningyuan Xu, by Prof. Julian Adenauer

Type in a topic - images are shown - you say what you see. If your guess is right, you get another image.

Soft Circuits

eTextile, Lilypad, Max 6
Theresia Torenholt & Ningyuan Xu,
by eTextile Summer School

Stretch different part of your body to a certain threshold, a corresponding pre-recorded voice will be played.